Learn & Do Aussie Writing Books ( Set of 4 books + Pen)

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Your child will not only learn but have fun at the same time! The ink magically disappears so they can be used again & again!

Introducing Australia’s premier kids' educational tool - the Magic Groove Learning Books made for Australian learning. This one-of-a-kind copybook was thoughtfully designed by an Australian Primary School teacher to align with the learning practices in Australian schools. These books will help your child learn & quickly improve their skills. 

These books aid in learning the alphabet and numbers up to 100. Through constant repetition, children develop and refine motor skills, correct hand position, and grip, resulting in the development of their own unique writing style.

Key Features:

 Magical and Reusable - Ink fades away after use, making it eco-friendly and perfect for repeated practice

 Good Habits from the Beginning - Improves motor skills and handwriting through constant repetition and guiding groove

 Guidance in Practice - arrows are placed on letters to give direction and show starting point positions to help form letters and numbers correctly

Supports Correct Hand Grip Position - each set comes with a pencil grip to help instill correct habits.

 Promotes Independent Learning - Outlined spaces for children to follow and learn on their own with confidence

Uniquely Australian and exclusive to Sugar Plum Baby

The Learn & Do Book set include four different books that are made for Australian learning.

✅ Alphabet Book: Learn the English alphabet and practice writing skills.

✅ Number Book: Teach children numbers in a fun and easy way.

✅ Maths Book: Help kids learn how to calculate, add, subtract, and more.

✅ Drawing Book: Draw, illustrate, and identify various objects.

Making Learning Fun:

✅ Supports Cognitive & Early Development

✅ Ink fades & Disappears After Drying

✅ Fun & Motivating

✅ Improves Handwriting, Basic Maths, & Creativity Through Drawing

✅ Reusable and Eco-friendly

✅ Develops Brain Connections Through Constant Writing Repetitions

✅ Supports Correct Hand Position and Pencil Grip

The best way to teach them is at home! 

This book set provides endless hours of fun and learning, setting your child up for better handwriting skills and confidence in school. These books are designed for children who are learning to read, write, and do maths or wish to improve these skills.

The Importance of a Good Pencil Grip:

Encouraging a correct pencil grip early on is crucial for developing good handwriting skills. A proper grip leads to better letter formation, spacing, and overall legibility. The Magic Groove Learning Book set include four different books.


 Maths Practice Book
 Alphabet Practice Book
 Drawing Practice Book
 Number Practice Book
 Magic Pen with Ink Refills
 Pen Holder


10 Ink pefills in the pack

Book size 19 x 26 cm


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