Pram Caddy

$69.95 $115.95


Keep all your baby essentials on hand thanks to our Pram Caddy, featuring convenient compartments to store nappies, wipes and your necessary essentials. Our bags design lets you hang from your prams handrail for any kind of travel!

Benefits Of Our Pram Caddy

  • Perfect for outings of any length
  • Room for yours and baby’s essential items
  • Chic on-the-go convenience
  • 30-day money back guarantee

About Our Pram Caddy

Our Sugar Plum Baby Pram Caddy offers chic on-the-go convenience for any outing with your baby. With vegan leather material in colours black or tan it will surely add style to your pram. Its velcro straps wrap around your pram’s handrail keeping all important belongings at your fingertips. Perfect for a walk, trip to the supermarket or coffee out with friends. No need to carry a handbag as well as it's large enough to hold a baby bottle, wipes, nappy, toy, plus your keys wallet and phone!

Why Choose Our Pram Caddy?

✔️ Modern and Super Stylish Design
✔️ Capacity To Fit Bottles, Nappies, Wipes And More
✔️ Bottle And Baby Wipe Pockets
✔️ Front and Back Zips To Hold Valuables
✔️ Easily Attaches To Your Pram
✔️ Made From Water-Resistant Vegan Leather
✔️ Australian Owned, Operated & Shipped From Australia

Your New Favourite Pram Accessory!

For an adult to go out we simply grab our keys and wallet and head to the door, with the baby it isn't that simple. Even for what may seem to be a quick trip your baby might need a nappy change, extra feed, or something to play with and you don't want to bring a large bag each time you leave the house. Pram Caddies are extremely handy as you have enough space for babies’ essential needs as well as yours.

Features You Will Love

MODERN & STYLISH – Our vegan leather look is sure to match any pram with sophistication.

FUNCTIONAL- This bag easily straps on to your pram and will act as your handbag for those times you need to quickly rush out the door. No need to remove it between trips, it will stay attached as you fold down the pram to transport into the car to travel.

POCKETS – With multiple pockets and a central compartment, it is always ready for a mummy on the go and has enough space for all essentials for your trip out.

WATERPROOF MATERIAL – Lined with a waterproof material, easily wipe away any spills or mishaps without fuss.

The Importance Of Wellbeing for You & Baby

Being a parent is stressful and although it’s important to be looking after your baby, your own health and wellbeing is extremely important too. Sleep can be hard and no matter how tired you are the rolling of a pram can be settling to your bub, and the fresh air for yourself. Sometimes you must get out the door quickly to keep this peace, therefore minimal items are needed for this outing. Lucky you have your Pram Caddy, strapped on to your pram packed with the essentials. Having all your baby essentials at your fingertips gives you ultimate peace of mind ready for your phone and keys, and to rock and roll out the door.