1 x Bedside Guardian Night Lamp

$59.95 $95.50

Instantly make your room, unique and stand out! Turn bedtimes into magical experiences and help your child get over their fear of the dark. 

This night light will give your kids a night guardian to make bedtime easier. Kids will love this amazing present.

⭐ Reduce bedtime anxiety

⭐ Calming, comforting and loved by children

⭐ Auto rotating; the internal motor is able to rotate while showing a beautiful projections silently

⭐ The lamp covers most mid-size bedrooms 

Why choose the Bedside Guardian Night Lamp?

✔️ Bedside companion
✔️ Relaxing atmosphere
✔️ 6 different projection films
✔️ 3 changeable colours
✔️ Soothing music
✔️ Portable and lightweight
✔️ Charge with power cable, no need for batteries
✔️ Australian owned & operated!
✔️ Fast & free delivery Australia wide
✔️ 30 day money back guarantee


About The Bedside Guardian and it’s benefits

Night time can be a scary time for young children, so any kind of comforting light is always welcome, but often, a static bright light becomes a comfort blanket, and they can’t sleep without a light on. Progressing from the bedside lamp to the gentle, rotating canopy of Star, Sea or Cute Creatures Night Light on their ceiling gives children that much-needed comfort without removing the darkness, so they become accustomed to being in the dark more easily and see the night time as something to enjoy.

A positive bedtime promotes better sleep

Children need sleep, plain and simple. We all do. Without enough sleep, we get cranky and, with time, unhealthy. But for children, it’s especially important because the effects of sleep deprivation can lead to lifelong problems.

Your child’s brain needs sleep to restore resources that were used up during the day. A well-rested brain can solve problems, learn new information and enjoy the day a lot more than a tired brain. Some areas of your child’s brain are even more active while they sleep.

Children who consistently get a good night’s sleep:

✔️ Are more creative

✔️ Can concentrate on tasks for longer

✔️ Have better problem-solving abilities

✔️ Are better able to make positive decisions

✔️ Are more able to learn and remember new things

✔️ Have more energy during the day

✔️ Can create and maintain good relationships with others