Mini Chef Kit

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Unleash the master chef in your little one!

Looking for a fun and safe way to introduce your children to the world of cooking? Our Mini Chef kids safe utensil set allows your little one to be hands on when it comes cooking!

The Mini Chef Kit is the best road to culinary exploration for little ones. Cultivate a passion for cooking in your kids with these safe and easy to use kitchen utensils. Create fun moments together in the kitchen with your budding chefs as they learn life long skills!

Crafted from premium-grade plastic and wood, these kitchen cutters are BPA-free, ensuring the safety of your children. The thoughtful ergonomic design guarantees a comfortable grip, empowering kids with effortless control. With a rubber handle that offers a secure hold and prevents slipping, these tools ensure safe usage.

Why You'll Love The Mini Chef Kit

✅ Environmentally friendly and child-safe
✅ Sturdy, reusable, and dishwasher-friendly
✅ Ergonomic design for enhanced grip and control
✅ Specially designed serrated edge for safe cutting
✅ Various sized cutters catering to various foods
✅ Blunt ends to safeguard against accidental pokes, perfect for toddlers
✅ Suitable for cutting vegetables, fruits, and soft foods

Get Hands On!

The best way to learn is to get hands on! Made with child-friendly materials, these aren’t just toys – they’re the real deal! From the wood-crafted knife with its adorable crocodile pattern to the hand-friendly serrated edges, each piece is designed for tiny hands with big imaginations.

Material: Plastic & Wood

Package Includes 13 pieces:

4 X Circular shaper cutter
4 X Safe cut knives
1 X Wooden Cutter
1 X Peeler
2 X Cutting board
1 X Metal cutter


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