Toddler Toilet Training Seat

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Make toilet training your little one a breeze!

Say goodbye to nappy struggles with your little one

The Toilet Training Ladder revolutionises the potty training journey, making it an exciting and empowering experience for toddlers and parents alike. This device transforms the bathroom into a kid-friendly space, featuring a sturdy ladder that provides little ones with the confidence to independently climb onto the toilet. 

Potty time made easy: Boost your toddlers independence!

Crafted from durable materials, it ensures safety and stability during the transition from nappies to using the toilet.  Its colourful design and playful elements engage children, turning toilet time into an enjoyable adventure! 

The ultimate toilet trainer seat unit provides a moulded seat for the utmost confidence. It features height adjustable legs to suit most toilets and folds for convenient storage. 

Kiddostep | Easy Potty Training – Diorfy

✅ Independence Boost: Empower toddlers to use the toilet on their own confidently.

✅ Seamless Transition: Smoothly shift from nappies to the toilet, simplifying the training process.

✅ Sturdy Design: Ensures safety and stability, providing a secure platform with adjustable steps.

✅ Adjustable Steps: Accommodates various heights, ensuring versatility and access for all toddlers.

✅ Fun and Encouraging: Transforms toilet time into an enjoyable adventure, making the training experience positive and exciting.

    What's included

    1 X Toddler training seat ladder ( flat packed)

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